The Paranormal – Fact or Fiction?

What is paranormal?

Majority of us denote paranormal with hauntings and ghosts. However, it doesn’t end there. It’s a common illustration for everything that we can’t fully explain. Paranormal consists of poltergeists, witchcraft, psychokinesis, voodoo, telepathy, faith healing, the Bermuda Triangle, UFOs and pyramids. These all fall to the category of unexplained phenomenon.

A captured case of poltergeists and ghosts from people doesn’t guarantee everyone’s “yes” that they believe in it. There are just a few who are ready to believe whereas others are not. Pyramids around the world have brought confusion to present engineers regarding the techniques being used to build them. The fading of countless ships and aircrafts over the vicinity warmly known as Bermuda Triangle that remains unanswered until now. Psychic phenomena about telepathy, telekinesis, faith healing and the like are said to be true.

Perhaps the most mysterious phenomena are cases of Spontaneous Human Combustion (SHC). It’s a thing that people experience when the explanation is on their mind, but somehow they just can’t justify it.

A man who introduced a phone-in on the radio for people who had encounters of UFOs said that 5% of the call had no logical clarification about the incident and 95% of it were obviously imitations. Just like the paranormal – there will be genuine report and also some fabrications.

A man complains to the Pontiac division of General Motors that something crazy is going on with his newly bought Pontiac. He explicates that every time he goes out to buy their family’s traditional ice cream dessert, the car fails to start if he buys an ice cream with vanilla flavor. However, it starts really well if he buys ice creams having other flavors.

The Pontiac people were confused by this so they sent an engineer to help the man who complained. The engineer accompanied the man to the store. The man bought a vanilla flavored ice cream and as expected, the car was unsuccessful to start again. The engineer accompanied the man in buying to the store for several times, and he observed that every time the man buys another flavor of ice cream, the car successfully starts, but if he buys a vanilla flavored one, it really fails. It was strange.

However, the point was the vanilla ice cream was put in a freezer at the front of the store while the other flavors were further back, therefore giving the man extended time to obtain. Furthermore, the car was experiencing rational clarification to what happened. (c) 2012


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    Im missing something in the Pontiac story. What difference would it or should it or could it make if he was away from his car for 2 minutes, 10 minutes or 30 minutes, obviously there was something wrong with the car.

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    No, there was nothing wrong with the car. The engineer just was wanting to eat all 31 flavors of ice cream on someone else’s dime.

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