The Paranormal Events in the Old North State

There are several places in the U.S. that most people desire to live in and perhaps, one of the best states is North Carolina, which has a number of beautiful and wonderful areas. However, it is important to note that even how beautiful a place can be, it still has some weird or let us just say paranormal happenings that make people to worry.

The emergence of unidentified flying objects (UFOs) sightings is up to now a big debate not only in the U.S. but also in the whole world. North Carolina is known to have some kind of paranormal events that continue to stir the minds of scientists, researches and even the media.

Witnesses affirmed to have an eye for sea monsters and other paranormal creatures like the BigFoot and the El Chupacabra in the state. Long time ago, a dedicated farmer claimed that his dog was attacked by a creature the he thought uncommon on earth. The dog was completely drained of blood and he described the attacker as the Chupacabra, which others believed to have also claimed the life of other animals, most especially goats.

Another paranormal event was the sightings of a huge mammal-like creature in forests. Witnesses living in McDowell Country named the created as the Bigfoot, a name given because of huge footprints that it left on the ground.

There were other unusual events and sightings that occurred in the Old North State. Despite of these claims, many believed that they are only stories created to attract much of the mob’s attention. Whether they are true or not, there is no doubt that there are still things that even science can’t explain. (c) 2012

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