The Most Compelling Evidence For Aliens Mysteriously Disappeared

Nick Pope, formerly a government UFO investigator, revealed how officials were preventing the best picture of paranormal metallic spacecraft to come out to the public. The said spacecraft was photographed above Calvine in Perthshire. However, the photo mysteriously disappeared under the custody of the Ministry of Defence, according to Pope.

Pope is claiming that the photo was the best evidence of UFO visiting in Earth. He said “it went to the technical specialists at the Defence Intelligence Staff and elsewhere. Their results of the analysis were that this was a real thing- it was not a fake photo.”

Pope worked at the Government’s UFO project from 1991 until 1994. The copy of the image was in his office but was removed and disappeared completely after.
He looked for the photo from the officials but they claimed there was no record of it.

Pope described the craft as metallic diamond shape which measured about 25 metres in diameter. In the photo, there seemed to be military jets in the background but it was hard to determine whether the jets were escorting the paranormal craft or chasing it.

He remembered that his head of division removed the photo from his office wall and locked it in a drawer because the superior did not think they should be displaying something like that.
Pope wondered why the photos and copies were not included when Ministry of Defence declassified and released its UFO files. (c) 2012

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