The Latest Satellite Image of Area 51 Presents New Developments

The secrecy and firm safety measures that enclose Area 51 are what make so many individuals, particularly conspiracy theorists and those who are involve in paranormal, speculate very closely what the area is used for. The bureaucratic government responds to questions about Area 51 used to just suggest that the facility does not exist. The base has extended significantly over the years however it is better recognized as the testing facility for other “Black Projects” such as the B2 Stealth Bomber, F-117 Stealth Fighter and the A-12 Blackbird. When you desire to check out Area 51 you will be met with a warning sign that reminds you “photography is prohibited” in big letters. Paranormal investigators, particularly in the alien or extraterrestrial paranormal field, are very curious on the presence of alien bodies or even living extraterrestrials used for various experiments.

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