Television Shows that Explore Paranormal Phenomena

The classic story about good and evil is the plot of “Supernatural.” It tells the story of two brothers who need to look for monsters, demons and angels in order to find their father and at the same time help people along the way of their quest.

This television series follows the story of Grimm family who has the ability to take down real life monsters which belong to dark paranormal beings. It focuses on the last descendant of Grimms and highlights their paranormal ability to see the evil in people.

Once Upon a Time
This show features a great mix of characters played by famous casts. The story revolves around the characters of fairy tales who are trapped in human bodies and eventually lived like a true human. The fairy tale characters are suffering from collective amnesia. They totally forget what they used to be like.

True Blood
This television series takes you to the real essence of vampires and paranormal phenomena. It follows the story of a waitress who has the ability to read minds. Her ability allows her to get firsthand information about vampire life when blood-sucking Bill came into her life.

The Vampire Diaries
The story is somewhat similar to “Twilight” in the beginning. It features Elena who is saved by a vampire from drowning while in “Twilight” Bella is saved by Edward from a crash. However, this show introduces different vampires in paranormal adventures which are not quietly moody or virginal.

This show focuses on paranormal activity chronicling the misadventures of a group of adults. They are punished to do a community service when a sudden storm gives them superpowers. They play the role as heroes but they are not just any other super heroes with super powers. (c) 2012

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