Speakers at UFO Conference in Memphis Share Paranormal Stories of Abductions

The abduction was more like an ambulance, according to Travis Walton.

The environment was covered by darkness at night. It was in the National Forest in Arizona when Walton and his crew were on their way home. Then suddenly, there was a bright beam blue light that made the driver to stop. Walton saw a spacecraft that brought curiosity to him.

He recounted at the Tennessee Mutual UFO Network conference that he was hit by a bolt of energy. When he woke up, he was greeted by small hairless creatures with large eyes in a place that has similarity to the hospital. Walton thinks that those aliens have no intention to do something bad to humanity.

Walton wrote the book “Fire in the Sky” based on his paranormal experience on UFO and aliens which also became a movie in 1993.

Conference organizer Eddie Middleton invited speakers who had alien encounters to share their first hand experiences to the public.

Tom Reed of Knoxville, one of the local speakers, shared his childhood abduction story. He said that he has enough evidences proving the existence of extraterrestrial life including several eyewitness accounts, readings from electromagnetic equipment and polygraph tests.

Former professor David Jacobs at Temple University told to about 50 attendees that he used hypnotherapy for many decades to help abductees remember what had happened to them.

He said that majority of stories he heard involve experiments of alien and human breeding. Recently, he heard stories about hybrid creatures that came down to Earth and passed for human.

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