Solar Activities Increase Paranormal Activities According to Ghost Hunters

According to the ghost hunter’s community, solar activities increase the number of paranormal activity. Spirits and ghost are fed by energies released by the Sun; in this case, spirits and ghost are more active when fed a lot of electromagnetic energy. Intense paranormal activities happen when there is geomagnetic storm or flares released by the Sun. When a solar storm or flares occurs, the Sun sends radioactive particles toward planets including Earth’s atmosphere. The excess energies are absorbed by ghosts or spirits for them to be visible and be able to interact with living things especially humans. Also, electrical storms here on Earth increase paranormal activities which were released in the environment.

A new ghost hunting tool was presented in Ghost Hunter’s newest episode by an inventor. The new invention resembles to a phone booth and contains electromagnetic pulse to attract and assist spirits or entities to be visible. Though the device has not yet captured or proven spirits or any entities, the investigation hopes that the device will work sooner or later.

According to NASA’s web site,, that geometric storms and flares including the phase of the moon affect the behaviour of spirits existed. In this case, paranormal activities are increased. (c) 2012

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