Reality Television Program Is All Set to Hit on Internet Paranormal Television Network

WAUSAU — Jim Schilling never thought of creating a reality television program about ghosts.

He just wanted to determine the reason why he was witnessing activities that no one else seems to notice, and the reason why he was experiencing stuffs no one else could sense.

But now he is the team leader of a dozen or more people who are just completed shooting and editing a reality television program that will be broadcasted in the fall on an internet TV network named the Paranormal Television Network. A certain date the show will broadcast has not been decided. His company, the Tri-County Paranormal Group, has teams founded in Wausau and southeastern Wisconsin.

Schilling, 46, a truck driver who lives in Wausau, started the hunt for answers by digging the paranormal reality in early 1990s, making videos in haunted houses as well as other places. He soon was joined by friends and family members. They videotaped everything that relates to paranormal. Later, they learned more about the world of the other side, Schilling said. In the middle of 1990’s, they formed the Tri-County Paranormal Group.

The group progressed both in size and sophistication. Schilling transferred to Wausau to set up a branch of the group in the northern side, and the videos the group shot were featured on different television shows such as “My Ghost Story,” which can be seen on the Biography cable television network.

The group was contacted by the Paranormal Television Network to make a series of reality programs, and it has been taping and editing videos for some time now, according to Schilling.

It all started in 1987 when Schilling had a car accident. Doctors nearly pronounced him dead because his heart stopped for a couple of minutes. When he managed to recover, he began to feel paranormal things such as hearing voices that no one else could.

He undertaken psychiatric help and was told he was not psychologically ill. When he began performing paranormal investigations, he soon came to think that he was witnessing and feeling ghosts, and he found out that he could talk with them. According to Schilling, he learned that other side is really there.

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