Paranormal Report: Paranormal Expert Seeks Certainty on UFO Sightings

Malcolm Robinson, a 54-year old man, a paranormal expert, releases his newest fiction correlating to fact book that discusses UFO sightings at his Native Scotland.

Working in Eastborne, the paranormal expert traded the Highlands to the Sunshine Coast a few years ago considered to be the primary authorized person to elucidate paranormal happenings within North of the border.

In 2009, he was the first Scot to educate paranormal topics on a foremost UFO conference. After that, he published his first volume involving UFO cases claimed by Scotland citizen and compiled with educated reasoning.

Recently, he has been working on the other volume of the UFO cases and have been editing on a top paranormal magazine.

On his second volume of UFO Case Files of Scotland – The sightings, successfully attracts enthusiasts while Malcolm Robinson is heading to a film of a script which he had written and hopefully to be streamed later of this year.

Malcolm Robinson is recently dealing with movie makers DRB Entertainment for a break that will involve one of the famous UFO sightings written by Mr. Robinson such as the abduction of Gary Wood and Colin Wright at Edinburgh in August 17, 1992 focusing on the suspected alien.

The case discuses about the two persons driving from capital to Ayr that sighted two-tiered disc-shape object suspended over 20ft above the road.

The witnesses claimed that the disc sent out silver haze that causes the car engulfed for approximately 5 seconds. Without being noticed, they had arrived to their destination – house of their friend – for over one and a half hour late.

After the incident, both victims have been experiencing weird dreams and under hypnosis. Mr. Wright could remember seeing Mr. Wood seated on a chair in which Mr. Wood was examined and his eyes being poked by a poker like object. Both of them recalled sighted three small shapes stopped their car.

The Wright and Wood case has just one of Mr. Robinson’s paranormal case in which the paranormal expert seeks certainty on the unexplained unknown and to deliver critical reasoning especially to UFO enthusiasts.

“I got into this business initially to disprove things – to prove that ghosts, UFOs and the like did not exist – and 99 per cent of UFO or paranormal cases are easily explained. However, I soon found the one per cent that can’t be explained and it is these cases which fascinate me. My goal is to continue researching cases pertaining to the strange world of UFOs and the paranormal and to hopefully provide some form of answer to account for what at present eludes us. The information provided at this conference clearly showed that there are vehicles operating in the skies of the world, which clearly are not our own. UFOs are real, of that there is no question. There have been literally thousands of first class UFO reports coming from all parts of the world. We are at the bottom of a long ladder of understanding and each day brings us closer to the truth…” Mr. Robinson said.

Nevertheless, the paranormal expert Malcolm Robinson believes that the truth lies somewhere at there. (c) 2012

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