Paranormal Perception: UFO Data and Noah’s Ark

Senator Barry Goldwater was the Air Force major-general, a presidential nominee for Republican Party in 1964 election and the chairman of the U.S. Government’s Senate Intelligence Committee. Based on the data gathered by researchers, Goldwater wrote UFO researcher Shlomo Arnon stating his interest about UFOs and the reported information about UFOs stored in the building at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. He said in his letter that he made an effort to find out what was in the building but failed to gather any information because it is still classified above top secret.

Goldwater later revealed that U.S. Air Force General Curtis Le May told him not to ask again about the USAF’s top secret UFO data which believed being kept at Wright-Patterson. Many UFO researchers think that the place also has preserved alien corpses as well as alien technology and hardware.

Despite his failure to gather information regarding UFO secrecy at USAF, Goldwater again approached government official regarding rumored secrets in line with the interest to the U.S. Intelligence community. This time the subject was one of the major things stated in the bible, Noah’s Ark. It was rumored that CIA knew something about the Ark, particularly on the archaeological find around Mount Ararat.

Goldwater wrote a letter addressed to then-CIA Director Stansfield Turner. In the letter, Goldwater asked if there was a truth regarding what his trusted informant told him that the Ark may be resting at or near the top of the mount.

The CIA responded by writing to Goldwater that it had no information or data on their possession indicating that Ark of Noah had been discovered anywhere on Mt. Ararat or in any other places.

Goldwater already anticipated the possible response of the CIA as he mentioned in his letter that he is willing to “go to the devil.” This indicates that he expected the answer of CIA to be similar to what Le May responded to him. The action of Goldwater also suggests that he believed that the reported official research of Noah’s Ark was more on a matter of national security rather than just religious or archaeological. So, what is the reason why CIA’s interest in the Ark can be considered as related to national security? This question can surely be answered in the near future. (c) 2012

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