Paranormal in Maryland: Famous Haunted Places

Maryland is one of the interesting states of the U.S. It has beautiful beaches and breathtaking view of the mountains. For people who love paranormal, Maryland has a lot to offer from ghost of Natives to the ghosts of soldiers and everything between. Here are the most haunted places in Maryland.

House of Dr. Mudd

Paranormal Activity at the House of Dr. Mudd
If you are familiar with the assassination of President Lincoln then you know that the assassin was actor John Wilkes Booth. After he shot Lincoln, he jumped from the balcony causing his legs to break and rode a horse far away from the crime scene. He went to the house of Dr. Samuel Mudd to have his injured leg treated. Mudd was brought to trial for sympathizing with Booth and for being part to the assassination plot. He was found guilty and went to jail but was being pardon after many years in prison. Mudd was died in pneumonia in 1883. His home still stands today and many reports that the ghosts of John Wilkes Booth and Confederate soldiers as well as the ghost of Dr. Mudd are haunting the property. Many now believe that the doctor was truly one of the Southern Confederate sympathizers because unidentified Confederate soldiers haunt in the house of Mudd.

The Oldest Surviving Plantation
In Southern Maryland, Sotterley Plantation can be found. It is the oldest surviving plantation in the place situated overlooking the Patuxent River. It was built in 1700’s and many wealthy families used to reside in the building through many years. The plantation is now open for the public for tours providing different events for the family. There are many paranormal reports, mostly from tour guides and employees, regarding the ghosts of former owners and in several occasions, people that do not respect the house rules were pushed down the stairs.

Point Lookout
Point Lookout is a beautiful peninsula in Scotland Maryland. It was the property of the first governor of the state. It was used as a prisoner encampment/hospital during Civil War. Around 50,000 Confederate soldiers were kept at the prison encampment and around 8,000 died at Point Lookout because of disease. After civil war, a lighthouse was put in the place and was used for 135 years. Many families that helped in maintaining the lighthouse lived in there. The lighthouse still stands today but no one lives there anymore. There were reports that one of the resorts in the Point Lookout was burned down in the early 1900’s. Ships sinking off the cost of Point Lookout were also reported. Campers in the place usually reported paranormal activities including the ghost of Confederate soldiers and families in the lighthouse. (c) 2012

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