Night Watch for Paranormal Activity

Rippavilla Plantation will have a paranormal investigation inside the mansion, the barn, the Freemans Bureau school house, and the family and slave cemeteries in Spring Hill this coming January 21, from 6pm to 3am of January 22.

The investigation will be hosted by Dudley Pitts who had built paranormal groups and he is also inviting enthusiast to attend.

Pitts is a founder of Innovative Paranormal Research which is a member of TAPS organization and he has been working on paranormal investigation for nine years already. TAPS organization was featured in Ghost Hunters on SyFy cable channel which was a television series. The Innovative Paranormal Research was also featured in NPT’sTennessee Crossroads, various radio shows in Tennessee and Nashville Channel 5’s morning call-in show.

Innovative Paranormal Research had already investigated over 100 locations in Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky successfully. Also in some places such as Octagon Hall, Sloss Furnace, Waverly Hills and many other location that are private and historic. (c) 2012

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