KPHO Again Reports Paranormal Creatures and UFOs

Local news station KPHO has already released three stories on chupacabra sightings in less than a year.

Now the station is taking on even bigger paranormal beasts teaming up with Navajo Nation Rangers to undergo bigger undertaking in exploring investigative reports of paranormal creatures that do not actually exist.

KPHO is now into something new as it will look into the non-chupacabra thing of the paranormal. It plans to dig in the world of ghost, UFOs and witchcraft or even Bigfoot.

The Navajo Rangers have been into ghosts, witchcraft, UFOs and sometimes Bigfoot for around a decade already. KPHO, on other hand, seems to capture any big news about UFOs and chupacabras.

An investigative reporter connected to KPHO said that in Arizona, paranormal activity is all over.

The last time KPHO report about paranormal, it was big news that brought great interest to the public. KPHO this time has two experts telling, explaining and exploring paranormal world as well as confidential documents. (c) 2012

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