Indian Burial Grounds

Paranormal incidences are enormously claimed by local residence and even paranormal investigators. The place was built by Native Americans and was known from being haunted as believed that the angry spirits of Chippewa shamans, Cherokees soldiers and Iroquois chiefs are back for retribution. It was said by a legend that the souls of the dead in the burial grounds are responsible from the accusations.

The legend or the myth of the Indian Burial Grounds were formulated by local residents after sighting numerous Native American ghosts and was believed as the final resting place of the local tribe. Some had proven it but most of the people do not believe as others believed after experiencing paranormal activities. The areas can be an old farmhouse in a Midwestern town or even a multimillion-dollar mansion in the Hollywood Hills.

Most local residents believed and blamed the remaining souls to be responsible for the vacancy of the Hollywood Mansion in Solar Drive and even the suspect of murder cases occurred within the mansion. Its vacancy was believed that it was caused by the devastation of squatters, drug dealers, and thrill-seeking teenagers. But it was not proven; it only demonstrates the power and strength of wisdom.

When paranormal incidences occurred, people directly blame the burial grounds as responsible for the happenings without the surveillance or investigating the area first. The legend of Indian Burial Grounds remains.

Going to the old house that was built by Native Americans in Long Island, New York which was featured in the movie The Amityville Horror was believed to have destructive ghost. The house has a history of murder case; six people were killed. Every new owner claimed to experience paranormal activities such as strange noises and footsteps, foul odours and foreign substance but it was not proven until now.

The site is still being believed to be haunted as paranormal investigators tend to investigate for possible evidences.

Nevertheless, the legend of The Native American burial grounds still captivates us even today. Even there are no evidences to prove the case; there always people who claim such unusual happenings that would relate to the Native Americans and that people will always point out the Native American burials including Indian Burial Grounds to be responsible of paranormal activities.

“Instead of the body resting and the soul rising, the soul lingers, especially when disturbed.” (c) 2012

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