Greatest UFO Discovery Might Come From a Hole

An Austrian farmer accidentally found a hole that he thinks might be the place of the biggest UFO breakthrough ever. Franz Knoglinger, a 47-year-old man, was primarily looking for their lost family cat at night when he discovered a 25-foot-deep perfectly round hole in northwestern Austrian field. He tried to investigate the thing inside the hole.

To have an idea of how deep is it, he dropped a stone and heard a clunk of a metal. He further tried to hang a magnet and put it down under and it clearly fastened onto something at the bottom. So, it can be concluded that there is something large and metallic deep under. He said that he heard sounds as if there is a hollow space around a metallic object. He added that it sounds like there is a room underneath.

He then asked help from the plumber who lowered a camera down the pit on a rope but to no avail because the camera failed to function as it reached the object. Knoglinger thinks that there is a sort of electrical field that made the interference.

Speculations on the hole spread widely and over 500 people already visited the place within the first day. Archaeologists initially believe that the hole was formed when wooden timber from an underground burial chamber rotted away.

However, the metallic object inside the hole cannot be explained by the theory of archaeologists. Many locals believe that it could be a malfunctioned bomb from the war. There are also speculations of a buried spacecraft in the hole.

Geologists are expected to excavate the site but may perform necessary tests first before doing so. Meanwhile, Knoglinger and their family cat already met and live normal life. (c) 2012

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