Does the secret door of Egypt’s Pyramid be opened?

Paranormal – After many attempts of opening the secret door inside the heart of Egypt’s pyramid, researchers were hoping to solve the case by 2012.

Revelations from the 4, 500-year-old paranoiac crypts were already found, but more revelations were expected to be found by researchers.

After the discovery of images behind the great pyramid’s door, it gives a conflict to the project and was suspended.

After the suspension, the SCA (Supreme Council of Antiquities) led by Zahi Hawas is slowly allowing them to have permits for excavations and archaeological researches.

Researchers believed that the mystery of the great pyramid will be solved by 2012 after gradually permitting them to have a research.

“As with other missions, we have had to resubmit our application to be allowed to continue. We are currently waiting for the various committees to formalize the approval…Once we’re allowed to continue, I have no doubt that we can complete our work in 2012,” said Shaun Whitehead.

Khufu Pyramid is the last remaining wonder of ancient world.

The monument was the largest pyramid among the three on Giza Plateau sited in Cairo. It was rumoured that the largest pyramid should have hidden passageway which will lead to the secret chambers.

From the time it was discovered in 1872, archaeologists have been solving the puzzle believing that it has a four narrow shaft inside the pyramid.

The two narrow shafts was located on the upper part which was the King’s chamber and the other two was located in the South and North which was the Queen’s chamber. But the Queen’s chamber was disappeared in the structure which was a mystery to be solved.

In 1993, an 8-inch square shaft was discovered by a German Engineer, Rudolf Gantenbrick through sending a robot to its southern shaft.

While in the exploration, the robot stopped after seeing a 2 copper pins installed on a mysterious limestone which was about 213 feet from the heart of the pyramid.

After nine years, they streamed to the television their second attempt. They had witness that there was a drilled hole on the copper pinned door. On the following day, the robot explored the Northern shaft of the pyramid and saw the same slab.

The door then now called Gantenbrick’s door, named after Gantenbrick discovery.

According to him, 2 copper pins were installed on the door.

Another project had begun to explore the mystery of the great pyramid, researchers named it Djedi Project. This was the only project that had gone further than anyone has ever been before in the Pyramid.

They started to explore the southern shaft then ended to the Gatenbrick’s door which was on the northern shaft.

They sent a robot which was designed by Rob Richardson from University of Leeds and gives them a clear view to mysterious red painted images.

The robot used was different from the previous one; it has a bendy camera which is small enough to fit through a small hole and called it a Micro-snake camera.

The recovered picture was said to be a marking of hieratic numerical signs that record the length of the shaft according to some scholars. But their theory was not been confirmed by researchers.

“Our strategy is to keep an open mind and only draw conclusions when we have completed our work,” according to Whitehead.

The Djedi team was able to inspect the so called Gatenbrick’s door containing two cooper pins.

The images captured may possibly for pattered rationale

The Djedi team and Whitehead were confident of solving the mystery of Pyramid’s chamber by 2012.

“The plan is the same as it always was. We will completely survey the shafts leading from the Queens Chamber and look beyond the first and second blocking stones in at least one shaft…”Even if we do not look further beyond the blocking stones, accurately mapping the shafts will be a fantastic result and will provide significant clues to determine the purpose of these unique archaeological features,” Whitehead said. (c) 2012

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