Different Kind of Book Has Been Released to Give Knowledge on Paranormal, Science and Extraterrestrial World

The book “Extraordinary Knowledge: Science, Psychology, Spirituality and Myths” by K.R. [Amazon link] and published by iUniverse, gives details of the author’s many years of research in different scientific disciplines.

The author says that the book explores the world of science, spirituality, psychology, myths and paranormal phenomena. He further mentions that it discusses the spiritual awakening and transformation in 2012 in planet Earth. He adds that every page of the book is full of paranormal and extraordinary knowledge.

The author also gives details on planetary shifts and theories on the possible future of Earth.

He mentions on the book about 4th Density transition of planet Earth and its path going to Photon Belt within the year 2012. He says that there will be increased anxiety and fear toward dangers that may hit Earth within this year. He notes that catastrophe will be avoided and the future will be different as long as humanity will change their ways and repent. He stresses that the future is in the hands of humanity.

Another topic discussed on the book is the involvement of the U.S. government in extraterrestrial life and UFO activity.

The author K.R. was born in a small town in Poland and now lives in New York.

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