An Aluminum Object Aging 20,00 Years Old

Paranormal theories have been part of people’s lives. One theory that continues to exist and raise doubts is the existence of an ancient and advanced civilization in India. Some archaeologists are bothered why there are high radioactivity levels in an ancient city in the northern part of India. Many believe that there was an occurrence of ancient atomic blast in the area that made it highly radioactive.

This paranormal phenomenon is strengthened by the discovery of a strange object that was found in 1973. This artifact is called the “Weidge of Aiud” and made of an aluminum alloy. According to examinations, the machined piece of metal came from the Pleistocene Era when aluminum was still to be discovered.

Interested experts insist that the said artifact was a part of landing gear of an aircraft. They believe that the object was part of unidentified flying machines described in the Veda texts. In addition, many researchers have believed in the theory that there was an ancient, advanced civilization long ago and that the “Weidge of Aiud” is probably a clear evidence of its existence.

The theory might be weird, but there are just things described as paranormal that even science cannot explain. The truth about this phenomenon is perhaps waiting to be revealed.

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    The picture there looks a little like the bell shaped object the Nazi’s were using to test time travel in world war 2, the object and it’s occupants strangely went missing during tests towards the end of the war. There is secret Nazi documents that have now been released about this…

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