77% American Adults do believe on Angels

Paranormal news… According to a poll survey conducted by Press-GFK that 77 percent of American adults do believe on angels. It shows that more than a half of American population believe on the existence of paranormal beings called angels.

95 percent of Evangelical Christians believe on angels while 94 percent of Christians who tent to go religious services weekly also believe of Angels existence.

The survey and some studies also show that even less religious people do believe on the existence of angels. It may be approximately range 4 out of 10 who never attends churches who believes on angels.

According to a study that women have more faith on angels than men do, while the belief of angel’s existence increases when reached the age of 30’s.

The survey is lesser than the 2006 survey as it resulted 81 percent of Americans do believe on angels compared today which have resulted 77%.

In some survey, 92 percent of Americans do believe in Gods which is higher than the percentage of people who believe on angels.

But according to an AP-Ipsos poll, only 34 percent of Americans do believe on UFO and ghosts existence which was conducted in 2007.

The survey of angels belief was conducted on December 8-12, 2011 containing 1, 000 adults participants with an error of 4 margins.

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