Well-Preserved Bone Marrow in a Mammoth Thigh Bone Will Likely be Used for Cloning

Paranormal news presents… Scientists just recovered a well-preserved bone marrow in a mammoth thigh bone and they plan to use their discovery in cloning a woolly mammoth which they target to get done within five years.

Acting director of the mammoth museum of Sakha Republic and Russian scientist Semyon Grigoriev, together with his colleagues, extracted the marrow from the femur of a mammoth discovered in Siberian permafrost soil.

The team led by Grigoriev and colleagues at Kinki University from Japan have disclosed their intention to launch a joint research project by 2012 to give life again to a huge mammal which became extinct about 10,000 years ago.

The researchers plan to take the steps in cloning which have been known for many years by using an elephant. The nuclei of egg cells from the elephant will be replaced those extracted from the bone marrow cells of mammoth to develop embryos with mammoth DNA.

Scientists have been searching for undamaged nuclei since late 1990’s and now with the latest discovery, it could be the missing piece for the rise of the huge mammoth in Earth.

Global warming played a big role for the finding. Warmer temperature melted the ground in eastern Russia, which nearly frozen permanently. This gave opportunity to scientists to find a number of well-preserved ice cold mammoths in the area which include one that has the bone marrow.

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