Web Bot Paranormal Manifestation

Web Bot was originally created to search for stock trends by Clif High and George Ure in 1997. The program turned into information gatherer that predicted future events which include the 9/11 terrorist attack.

Web Bot is called by some as collective unconscious of the Word Wide Web but the program somewhat solely predict disaster, gloom and doom. With this, questions arise; is the program the evil master of the Internet? Are the events manifested in Web Bot come from the collective unconscious mind of every individual recorded in the Internet through keywords and phrases?

Paranormal manifestation may somewhat a joke to some but to others it is something to seriously ponder upon. To explain the whole Web Bot thing, a perfect example for this can be likened to someone who visits a psychic. People who believe in paranormal think that when a psychic is predicting future, they are actually implanting some thoughts in subconscious mind which allows such prediction to become true.

If the Internet is the collective unconscious of humanity, then the Web Bot is the psychic who collects what mankind is recording and predicts the futures based on the information gathered. The downside on this is that the program seems to concentrate on all negative aspects such as war, natural disasters, war and starvation.

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