Underground Paranormal Phenomenon & Stone Age Tunnels Explored

What it looks like a paranormal underground work is being explained in a book on ancient underground system. The recent book on the early superhighways has claimed that Stone Age man designed an enormous system of underground channels traversing European countries from Scotland to Turkey.
German archaeologist Doctor Heinrich Kusch mentioned that signs of the tunnels have been discovered under hundreds of Neolithic settlements throughout the continent.

In his book “Secrets of the Underground Door to an Ancient World,” he remarks the fact that a lot have lived after 12,000 years which indicates that the original tunnel system must have been huge.
He revealed that in Bavaria in Germany only, there are 700 meters of these subterranean tunnel networks and in Styria in Austria there are 350metres.
Throughout Europe there were enormous amounts of them estimated to be thousands, from the north in Scotland down to the Mediterranean.

Many are smaller than big wormholes which measures just 70 centimeters wide, sufficient enough for a person to wriggle along and nothing else.
They are distributed with spaces, at some areas they are larger and there have seating, or storage chambers and rooms. They do not all link up, however taken collectively. It is like an enormous paranormal underground network.
A few experts are convinced that the network was a means of safeguarding mankind from potential predators while other people think that a few of the connected tunnels were utilized like motorways for individuals to travel securely irrespective of battles or assault or perhaps climate over the surface.

The book remarks that chapels were frequently constructed by the entrances possibly because the Church was scared of the heathen heritage the tunnels might have symbolized, and wished to negate their influence.
In some instances, paranormal documents have been found referring to the tunnels seen as an entrance to the underworld.

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