UFO Science & Consciousness Conference: The Past of the Planet Earth

The UFO Science & Consciousness Conference held in Johannesburg, South Africa last November 2011, presented a version of the past of the planet Earth and it goes something like this.

At first there was a universe that comprised physical matter. Using this physical universe an alien species travelled searching for highly habitable planets. About four-billion years ago those extraterrestrials came across Earth and believed it good, therefore they began seeding the area with microscopic life. A billion years or so eventually they came back with an improved package, a procedure done again a few times, and slowly making up to larger animals.

Afterwards, a few hundred thousand years ago, possibly, a second extraterrestrial kind came across Earth. They also believed it great since it had rare metals, which they converted into a magical element to eat. The newcomer aliens made humankind as slaves to do the job in their mines, abusing a stolen formula for supermen. Homo sapiens were made.

When they left around 4 000 years ago, they abandoned a race mentally shattered because of mistreatment, a lot of beliefs regarding the beginnings and a ruling class of mankind with access to a few of their technologies, such as the paranormal capability to move around large stones without difficulty. These human beings concealed their secrets and techniques well and applied them to stay in power and create weapons that could actually be earthshattering, and established the Illuminati. Then, from 1930 onwards, a 3rd and 4th race of aliens came, one to offer time travel and teleportation machines, the other to help free human race from its shackles. Just lately, about a month ago or two, the good aliens won, by using interstellar beams to wipe out secret bases by way of earthquakes, positioning humans on a journey of peace, love and prosperity.

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