U.S. Military Financially Supports SETI to Check Kepler-22b for Aliens

Few years ago, finding another habitable planet could be referred to as the subject of paranormal but now scientists are into it. The Search for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence (SETI) has declared that it is returning in business looking for the new human friendly exoplanets lately identified by NASA’s Kepler space telescope to find if they could possibly be place to alien civilizations. The funds necessary to reactivate SETI’s initiatives has come in portion from the US Air Force Space Command, who are concerned in utilizing the organization’s detection devices for “space situational awareness”. NASA has just announced the finding several exoplanets orbiting other stars by its Kepler spacecraft, including the world Kepler-22b – referred to as Earth’s “twin” by the space agency – which orbits a Sun-like G type star some 600 lightyears away.

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