Tom Cruise Will Be Shooting Paranormal Movie Involving Aliens

The Universal’s Hollywood production worth USD 103 million or ISK 12 billion will most likely to be filmed in Iceland. Starring Tom Cruise, the paranormal film regarding aliens is set to begin its production next summer. The production team will bring 200 people to accompany Cruise to Iceland.

The paranormal film is based on the novel “Oblivion” which features a soldier in a mission to destroy evil aliens on Earth. In the film, the unpopulated landscapes of Iceland will serve as the Earth in the future after suffering great devastations.

In the alien-based paranormal movie, the character of Cruise finds a beautiful woman during his mission in Earth. The story continues as Cruise will find out the real identity of the beautiful woman whether she is an alien in disguise or a real person.

The female who will take the role of the beautiful woman is yet to be named but Kate Beckinsale, Diane Kruger and Hayley Atwell are the three actresses included in the shortlist. The man behind “Tron Legacy” Joseph Kosinski will be the one to take charge the film.

Film director Kosinski went to Iceland to check out the place if it is a suitable location for the film. Together with Kosinski are the employees of Icelandic production company True North. The company will be responsible for the filming in Iceland. It is projected that the shooting of the film will take place in summer, most probably in the highlands. (c) 2011

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