Thomas E. Reed’s Family Abduction

Thomas E. Reed, Case #22994 of family abduction was the most discussed paranormal occurrence. In a fact claiming that aliens took them for an unknown reason. This is the most anticipated case but yet unresolved. This case is one of the largest and most detailed, multi-generational abduction cases in the history of MUFON.

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    The experience which abductees think of as an alien abduction experience may be due to certain brain states. These states may be associated with sleep paralysis or other forms of sleep disturbances, including mild brain seizures. Sleep paralysis occurs in the hypnologic state or hypnapompic state. The description abductees give of their experience–being unable to move or speak, feeling some sort of presence, feeling fear and an inability to cry out–is a list of the symptoms of  sleep paralysis. Sleep paralysis is thought by some to account for not only many alien abduction delusions, but also other delusions involving paranormal or supernatural experiences.

    There are, of course, certain psychiatric disorders which are characterized by delusions. Many people with these disorders are treated with drugs which affect the production or functioning of neurotransmitters. The treatments are very successful in eliminating the delusions. Countless people with schizophrenia or manic-depression (bi-polar disorder), when properly medicated, cease having delusions about gods, devils, the FBI, the CIA, and aliens.

    Even though the stories of alien abduction do not seem plausible, if there were physical evidence even the most hardened skeptic would have to take notice. Unfortunately, the only physical evidence that is offered is insubstantial.

    Gary Mansfield F.I.

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    I really hate to make liars out of anyone… but you stepped into this pile of Alien BS, but your story seems to change at the top of the stairway.

    “Matt says another figure followed them in, its features more easily discernible; it was shorter, with “almost reptilian legs and a pointy head.”

    “He scared me,” he says. “He was doing something with my grandmother, and I couldn’t tell what it was. I started crying. They took one step toward me, then turned and left. “I Could See The Tops Of Their Heads As They Went Down The Stairs.” e.q.

    That is correct! You or someone cited in this Metro Pulse interview stated that the above information was record, and sir… it was not I who contrived this remark. It is not I who am a liar.

    If you insist that I am a liar, then I would reference you back to your publication of Interview with this publisher, such as was submitted not by me.

    You, or someone giving this interview, evidently recalled seeing the top of the aliens heads going down the stairway… as was a matter of interview record. This is inconsistent with other radio interviews that you have repeatedly given to this point.

    I simply investigate the facts. I could care less what your special alien agenda is!

    Utmost Regards and Good Luck,
    Gary Mansfield F.I.

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      I will be the first to attest not all in print is conveyed the best. With that said, what you’re referring to is a night in Sept of 1967 where there were some beings in the home. Again I was not there at that time, Matthew was. So when you said HE (well I was not there) However Matthew did see something on a lower landing through the staircase, he was also very young. Hope this helps, truly if you have inquiries, please feel free to e-mail me or I can call you. Again not everything in print is exactly what is said. With respect to this article, it is by far the best to date.

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