The True Objective of Paranormal Investigators Revealed

There are sixty people attended the presentation by the Connecticut Paranormal Research Society at the Windsor Public Library on August 13, 2011.
Those who are on the field of paranormal usually referred as ghost hunters or demon chasers. Connecticut Paranormal Research Society (CPRS) co-founders Joe Franke and Orlando Ferrante take their task very seriously. They demonstrated to their listeners the distinction between what they do and what they see on television.

Joe Franke

Franke stressed that popular television shows on paranormal are primarily intended to get high ratings and generate money. During their presentation, Franke claimed that they were not there to make money but instead, they were there to help people.
Ferrante and Franke discussed some of their case studies and presented the equipment for paranormal activity. Energy reading measures, cameras, voice recognition devices, and video cameras are some of their paranormal investigation equipment.

Photos and videos during their investigations of homes and businesses wherein they found voices, vapors and other phenomena that were hard to explained under normal conditions are presented by Franke. They already investigated a lot of potential hauntings all throughout Connecticut in houses, business establishments and even cemeteries.
One instance, Franke and Ferrante’s team conducted a paranormal investigation at a house in Enfield. The owners reported about their baby who was having difficulty in sleeping and they suspected that the baby’s room might be haunted. The team took pictures of the house as well as had an interview with the family.

They presented a video wherein a lady investigator from their team cried for help after a force grabbed her and pulled her to the ground while watching the child sleep. The action could not be seen in the video but the impact after a force pulled the investigator off the ground can be heard. The video, however, showed a flash of gray light seem to rise and fly out of the crib of the baby. (c) 2011

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