The term “Extra Terrestrial Hypothesis”

It is believed by scientists and some other paranormal UFO skeptics, with decent scientific explanation, that the entire issue of the UFO ETH must be evaluated on the rationale of real proof. And, it is claimed, by those skeptics; that the proof for alien visitation is so weak; that very few scientists see it convincing, which is not enough to spend their time and energy into going after the subject. And that is a fact, at least the part that couple of scientists, publicly at least, find the UFO ETH more than fairly inadequate in strong proof – the kind of proof that can be laid down on a lab slab or at least put under a microscope. Since there is no such proof, the UFO ETH has received somewhat of an atmosphere of being just a ‘silly season’ topic, not worthy of scientific research and remains under the category of paranormal.

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