The Paranormal: Why it is Loved?

The film “Paranormal 3” got a record for a horror movie in terms of gross receipts. Paranormal, which includes clairvoyance, ghosts, astrology and telepathy, is being believed by 75% of Americans with almost 50% believe in ghosts and 41% in extrasensory perception. Additionally, nearly a third believes on the possibility that ghosts can haunt human.

It is believed that the data only shows that the interest in paranormal goes beyond fascination and it is now being loved. The data from Romance Writers of America indicated that romance books related to paranormal were having a dramatic increase in sales as the Twilight saga garnered 1.3 million buys in just the first day of release. Moreover, paranormal television shows were experiencing high ratings and continues to attract advertisers.

Paranormal has been preoccupying people. Since human history started, mankind always seeks for something greater than them. Even though religion gives mankind a feeling of divine comfort and direction, some think that it is not enough. For someone who loves paranormal, it is a method to interact and know supernatural forces. Interests in paranormal are not only limited to men, woman are getting into it and even forming their own paranormal teams. (c) 2011

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