The Evolution of Paranormal Investigation

Taking consideration with legends and various eyewitness accounts, people have shared their planet with several monsters that are more or less resembled with human image commonly called as “man-beasts.”
Ancient legend and literary fiction are often associated with monsters but many are held to be in some sense real. Paranormal beings, which are considered to be unexplainable by science and human experience, include werewolf popularly known to be supernatural one and others such as Yowie of Australia, the Bigfoot version of the country.

Given the fact that these creatures exist, they could be perfectly natural creatures. Cryptozoology, which refers to the study of animals whose existence has not been verified, embraced these paranormal legends.
Woodcut of 1499 described human monsters also known as monstrosities. The woodcut believed to present disasters or to indicate divine judgment. There was also a genetic trait caused some individuals to be covered by hair such as the member of the Sacred Hairy Family of Burma. As time goes by, paranormal investigations evolved from the study of monsters to the study of aliens. These and among others are providing intrigue to a lot of people on the existence of paranormal beings. (c) 2011

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