Staying in a House with the Paranormal

It seems people automatically fear of the paranormal when they are confronted with it. Part of the reasons perhaps is that the media has been flagging ghosts, extraterrestrials, and demons as being horrifying. Rod Morgan’s story shows how people are scared of them.

Rod Morgan and his wife realized that the house they rented for such a good deal in Metropolis, Illinois was such a mistake.
After paying the required rent, they renovated the house they rented from a friend. The Morgans were so happy upon knowing that they were soon to have a baby, but definitely not with the house. Rod said that the house was somewhat depressing no matter what decorations they installed on.
It was after three weeks of their stay when Rod started to hear little noises and knocks around the rooms especially late at night. He also saw dark shadows at different places of the house.

The tension between the house and Rod grew day after day. Considering his wife’s fragile state, he decided to keep all those he noticed to himself.
At the basement, after putting clothes into the washer and dryer, he felt something had tried to overtake him as he walked up the stairs. As he turned to check, nothing was there. He found himself racing up the stairs, jumping steps after steps, and locking the door behind him. Rod said he felt there was paranormal presence in the basement and still getting goose bumps every time he remembered that incident.

Her wife would not go into the basement especially at night all by herself, which made him sure that she too felt something unusual at the basement.
After three months of their stay, paranormal happenings became worse. Rod worked at night, while his wife worked during daytime.

One morning, lying on his side facing the wall, he heard the living room door closed, and then he felt his wife sit down on the side of the bed. Thinking that it was his wife bringing food for lunch, he asked what she brought this time. When no one answered, he turned over to find that no one was there. He got up to look for his wife but she was not really there. Not wanting to alarm his wife, he again kept the incident to himself.

Rod, being a kung fu practitioner did a lot of his trainings at their backyard at night. At about 11 p.m. he thought he saw his wife walk by the kitchen into the bathroom. He went into the house to check on her as she frequently got sick on this time of her pregnancy. He went straight to the bathroom, but her wife was not in there. Rod found her in their bedroom, lying on the bed, facing the wall. He asked how she was feeling as he saw her went to the bathroom. She did not answer, did not even move. He poked her and asked the question again. Her wife mumbled groggily and said she has been sleeping and haven’t been to the bathroom. Rod searched the house to find that no one else was there.

The following day, Rod told every single paranormal happening he experienced to his wife. It was then that her wife admitted hearing things since their first week of stay, but she did not want to tell him, fearing that Rod would not believe her.
They left the house after they found a place to rent in Kentucky.

Rod’s last strange experience at that house was when he went down to the basement to check if there were things left there before they leave. The moment he opened the door to the utility room, he heard a deep raspy breathing. Right then, he thought he was about to be confronted with someone, but no one came up. Rod ran out from the house into the car where his wife was waiting and never ever looked back.

Mostly, we tend to fear into something that we know was there but we cannot see. Maybe the paranormal beings were not actually trying to scare us out. It is just our body’s reaction when their energy interacts with ours. (c) 2011

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