Police Report: Paranormal Creatures in Lincolnshire

Paranormal encounters have been reported by many different people in Lincolnshire via calling police hotline 999 over the last five years. Around 1,000 freaky emergency calls from several people claiming having seen paranormal things including zombies, UFOs, witches and ghosts.

Apparently, demons got the most number of reports in which the police received a total of 627 calls. However, the word demons could be considered as gremlins in the computer search programme.

Lincolnshire Police spokesman stated that the possible reason why demons topped the list because the word “demon” associates “to the force of computer system” making the figures high. She said they answer calls with respect and professionalism.

Other paranormal calls related to paranormal matters are about witches (171), ghosts (152), wizards (20), UFOs (10), zombies (9), vampires (5) and werewolves (2).

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