Paranormal Was Alive During Tours

The Paranormal Research Team was holding the Seventh Annual Haunted Marquette Tours from October 21 to 13.

The tours began at Lee Hall and participants were brought to various haunted spots in Marquette. Senior Spanish secondary education major Allison Testolin said that the tours were aimed to discuss the history of Marquette and its haunted spots.

The recent tours made some changes to previous ones such as inclusions of Lake Superior stories. Among the various stops of the tour were the old orphanage and Presque Isle.

The Paranormal Research team was founded in 2002 by a group of students with passion to learn more on paranormal activities. Junior pre-law and philosophy major Naysa Anderson said that most people think crazy when they heard the word paranormal because they failed to realize that paranormal is just a thing that cannot be explained.

The tours started at 5 in the afternoon and finished around midnight on October 21-23 at Lee Hall. Participants were charged $5 each for every tour. (c) 2011

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