Paranormal Theory & Myths Concerning Nazis, Hitler & the Third Reich

There is a recent conspiracy theory that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler ended his life in Argentina and not in Berlin in 945. The book “Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler,” by Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan claimed they have much evidence discovered to prove that Hitler died in South America as an old man. The book asserts that Hitler stayed in Argentina for 17 years and it is possible that he raised two daughters prior to his death in 1962.

There is also a paranormal hearsay that Hitler was under the influence of the Devil. This rumor originated from the Vatican Church saying that pontiff Pope Pius XII tried a long distance exorcism of Hitler which, to any reason, failed. Another paranormal theory said that Nazis have a base on the dark side of the moon and that they were on that moon as early as 1942.

The most popular paranormal theory about the Nazis is that they made UFOs and recently survive in secret underground bases together with their builders or creators.

Another conspiracy theory states that Nazis was able to make gold from sands and stones. This theory is according to the famous author Helmut Werner.

Moreover, some conspiracy theory websites and a paper in Polar Record state that Nazis constructed a secret base in Antarctica where Hitler hid towards the end of the war. The base also played a big role in fighting British and U.S. planes with flying saucers that people know so much about.

Another myth come from the book “The Golden Band” which claims that Hitler an avatar of the Hindu God Vishnu and arrived in Earth to launch a superior Aryan race.

The place where the Nazi pounds of gold were buried also made a lot of conspiracy theories. One theory suggests that the gold were buried in Lake Toplitz of the Austrian Alps about 60miles from Salzburg city in western Austria.

Another theory of the secret billions of pounds of Nazi gold just came from unknown source. It is said that the gold were buried in a little and inhabited Auckland Island by Nazi U-boat. (c) 2011

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    The edited by Gerrard Williams and Simon Dunstan in hipothesis basic (no relation to the daughters of hitler, a fantasy of the 40’s without foundation) is a very bad copy of Hitler’s escape (see website with copyrigth 1999 !! ) from Patrick Burnside and published in various editions and publishers from 2000 to 2004 in Spanish “El escape de Hitler”.

    Williams y Dunstan copiaron a Abel Basti pero este plagia la hipótesis original de Patrick Burnside que ya hace 12 años la hizo publica en y editarla el año después en español en las 500 paginas de El escape de Hitler.

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