Paranormal Search at Downtown Bernham Building

Rumor has it that paranormal activity is happening at Yesterday and Today in the downtown Brenham, Texas. A group headed by Gabriel Morales of Konundrum Productions, has decided to investigate the place. They brought with them some sophisticated equipment, known to record paranormal sounds and photos such as electro-magnetic field readers, infra-red cameras, and voice recorder.

According to Morales, he has wanted to do some research in Brenham area and found the opportunity at Yesterday and Today when he found a story at the Internet, relating someone’s experience linked to paranormal at the shop. To seek confirmation on the story, he contacted the store owner, Bebe Hayward.

Hayward admitted having received so many queries from a lot of people about the building after they felt an unusual presence on the second floor. She herself saw a woman with red hair walked into the building but suddenly disappeared into one of the corners.

She said that she saw the woman go to the back of the store where the stairs are. She waited for the woman to come back but she never did. Few days later, a couple who used to work for her also saw the woman who has disappeared in the same spot. Their description matched to the same woman she saw.

It is known that the building was used to be an opera house, built in 1872 and used to be three stories, but at some point the top two stories were taken off before the building was condemned. Hayward believed that the woman might be with the opera house.

When Hayward bought the building in 1995, she restored it and took several pictures during the renovation. When the pictures were developed, she saw paranormal images on some photos.
One picture shows something like a face in the glass, the other one looks like there is a hand and an arm, and the third is something that looks like two eyes looking out of the building.
During the renovation, people have also seen someone standing on the landing of the stairs at the second floor but just disappeared. Although Hayward has not seen the redhead lady after their initial encounter, she said she felt something like a positive energy.

These were the reasons why Morales contacted the owner and investigated the antique shop by himself. He said that everything is all about the experience on what is going on at the shop and not about to prove or disprove anything. (c) 2011

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