Paranormal Mythical Creatures’ Evolution

The interest and likelihood of paranormal mythical creatures has often captivated many people. Myth and legend still remain to captivate so many individuals regardless of whether they are ghosts or spirits, small individuals, shape-shifting beings with mysterious powers or unusual monsters.

The roots of several paranormal mythical creatures can be seen in ancient accounts of monsters that allegedly roamed in Earth. Over time as people’s understanding of the planet improved it turned evident what creatures were true and which were suspicious. Such suspicious creatures like the Griffin and Unicorn started to be mythical creatures. Even though these beasts appear so unusual, keep in mind that even today there are modern breakthroughs in relation to animals. Many do not recognize which mythical creatures were exaggerations, which were species that are presently extinct or which are so uncommon that have not been observed once more.

Paranormal mythical creatures are not restricted to bone and flesh as many take on unseen or otherworldly kinds such as spirits, ghosts and angels. The popularity of science and its amazing awareness of the world have triggered many beliefs of unnatural creatures to turn into illusion as they can’t be scientifically established. However they can likewise not be disproved. Science highlights physical phenomena but not much on mental phenomena of the world. If science would consider mental phenomena, it would be possible that many creatures end up possible. Buddhist and various other eastern philosophies describe the existence of spirits by means of an understanding of what the mind is and therefore what a living creature is. Moreover, the book of biodiversity is not yet finished, new species are identified all the time, the ocean has not been completely investigated and we can’t know for sure what creatures are wiped out and which still remain. This lack of ability to completely verify or disprove creatures centered on sightings is what has triggered several creatures such as spirits, ghosts and Bigfoots to end up categorized as paranormal mythical creatures.

As people still enjoy the stories of monsters, dragons and giants, these creatures are incorporated into the entertainment and arts. Shakespeare applied mythical creatures such as Caliban and Oberon to fill his play ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ (1590) which were centered on mythical creatures. In the twentieth century JRR Tolkien changed mythology in his books ‘The Hobbit’ (1936) and ‘The Lord of the Rings’ (1955) making Norse mythical creatures into new imaginary versions commencing a fantasy genre. Since then a lot of mythical creatures have grown and been elaborated to include in fantasy books, movies and games. The usual Orc, a blob with tusks, evolved into the green-tusked warrior now
designed by firms such as Games Workshop and Blizzard’s ‘World of Warcraft’.

The encyclopedia of animals in Earth may have additional creatures in the future and may include spiritual philosophies of the mysterious Far East. But either way the classic paranormal tales or information of extraordinary monsters is a growing reference for famous entertainment such as games, movies and books. (c) 2011

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