Paranormal: Legends of Giants in Peru

Jungles and highlands of Peru have been known for giant legends for several centuries. The following are some of the interesting Peruvian giant legends.

In the jungles of northern Peru, there were stories of men who stand over 6 feet 6 inches. They were described as barefooted, olive-skinned, hunched-back with feet that measure twice the normal size. They have been reportedly spotted in San Juan Province, a place with a lot rain forests and wooded foothills. The place has no telephone lines and no paved roads for its 200,000 residents. The stories about these giant men received new momentum when the discoverer of the ruins of a lost Indian City in San Martin Province Carlos Tarrealza claimed that he had found giants in the jungle. Moreover, a few days later, Lima newspapers Ultima Hora and La Prensa reported about the claim by Indian guide Encarnacion Napuri that he had witnessed a group of giant aborigines armed with thick wooden clubs, stone-headed axes and attached with hard wood lances attacked a camp of professional hunters.

In another story, archaeologists have discovered different tombs with plenty of treasures of a lost Peruvian civilization. The graves, which believed to be around 1,500 years old, had five men with unusual tall height surrounded by various artifacts. The remains belong to the Moche, a culture that existed between 100 A.D. and 800 in desert-like coast of northern Peru. Their origin is yet to determine.

Meanwhile, a human mummy was discovered which stands over 9 feet tall. This is tall enough for Peruvians whose average height is just five feet. However, anthropologists could only conclude this paranormal discovery that oversized race of men are just normal in prehistoric South America. (c) 2011

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