Paranormal Investigators Visited Whithall House to Look Into Spirits

Amanda Staszak got a dose of a paranormal activity within the Whitall House in Red Bank Battlefield. She was standing in a doorway when she felt someone grabbed her elbow and tried to move her. Her two partners and a park ranger were with her during that time but she certainly knew it was not them.

Amanda Staszak

Staszak together with Rosalyn Bown and Chrissy Desjardins founded Perspective Paranormal Research (PPR). Their group investigates paranormal activity involving ghosts or spirits.
The group together with a park ranger entered the old house after Gloucester County Board of Chosen Freeholders granted them permission to do so.
Staszak noted that many military men died on those grounds and buried nearby. She said that it was like heaven for them upon stepping off the ground on the property.
The house was built by James and Ann Whitall in 1748 and played a crucial role in the attack on Fort Mercer at Red Bank in October 1777, according to the Freeholder Board.

Staszak believes that they experienced paranormal phenomena in the house in which they made contact with a few spirits in the building. Disembodied voices, psychic impressions of names, appearances and even children were among the many different occurrences happened.
Staszak said they felt great amount of energy that altered their equilibrium and gave them dizzy spells. There was an instance wherein they felt the air became thick and even put pressured to their eyes and gave them a headache. These things can made any paranormal investigators sense that something is there.

Staszak said that their group would definitely coming back to the house to substantiate their experiences further after reviewing the evidence they gathered during their first visit. (c) 2011

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