Paranormal Incident: Huge Whales Found Dead 800 Meters Away From the Shore

A paranormal incident wherein a huge whale’s dead body was seen 800 meters from shore in a field in northern England has made marine researchers and local people bewildered.

Video clip has surfaced of the 10m sei whale that was discovered on October 1, 2011 in a field in Humber Estuary, Skeffling, East Yorkshire.

Many marine researchers have implied the sea mammal may have end up caught by receding tidal waters.

Andy Gibson from the Yorkshire Wildlife Trust said that the whale was in around 4ft to 5.25ft when the shallow sea made contact with the bottom. He stated that scientists would discover something new from the rare and paranormal incident.

North Seas manager at Yorkshire Wildlife Trust Kirsten Smith explained that occasionally whales will come to a shallow part of the sea to look for food and sometimes they get stuck.

Even though it is unusual for whales to get beached in Great Britain, a fin whale was also seen lifeless at Ingham on the previous month.

The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust reveals it has identified a rise in the quantity of whales sighted so far in 2011 but they still not sure why the amount of these whales in the North Sea is growing. (c) 2011

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