Paranormal Expo Will Be Hosted by a Haunted Lodge

It is a special one day event where paranormal and the public get together.

It is even more interesting as it will be taking place at the “Haunted Lodge on the Lake” and some expect the unexpected visitors to join them.

The third-annual Para-X expo will be held at the East Brunswick Elks Lodge #2370 which will feature paranormal lectures, psychic readings, vendors, as well as the special participation of Dwayne Claud, famous paranormal investigator who appeared on Animal Planet’s “Demon Exorcist.”

Founder of the New Jersey Ghost Organization Karen Timper is one of the coordinators of the event. She mentioned that Para-X aims not only to introduce paranormal to the public but also to covert the skeptics.

Lectures on different paranormal subjects will take place throughout the day including World War II ghosts and ways to find ghosts and hauntings. Timper further revealed that there will be pet psychic readings as the expo is giving emphasis on pets.

In terms of paranormal activity, the venue of the expo cannot be left out. Elks Lodge is known for its own alleged haunted history. The lodge is thought to have spirits lurking inside. According to the former lodge’s personnel Alice Leonhardt, they felt paranormal things brushing up against them, heard whispering voices and heard noises created by the high heels of one of Nixon’s maids walking within the lodge. Leonhardt added that they observed movement of strings in some rooms while at the same time the others remain stationary.

Leonhardt revealed that one member of the lodge saw a child standing behind his car upon looking at the side mirror of his vehicle. He then went out from the car to check the child but no one was there. He then ran back inside the lodge to tell the bartender what he saw. The lodge asked help to the police to check if there was a child missing but the police officers who check the place did not find anything.

The expo will start at 11 am and will end at 8 pm. Some of the proceeds will go to the Elks programs for the youth. Admission is $5. (c) 2011

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