Paranormal Discovery: Advance Civilization Found Beneath Sands of Sahara by Satellites?

Long lost-civilization was reportedly existed during or before Roman times. It was shown in the satellite images and archeologists are hoping that the downfall of the person who controlled access to the area in contemporary era will properly disentangle the paranormal mystery of the lost cities beneath the sands. Libyan dictator Colonel Gaddafi was the one controlling the access to the region.

Roman archeology professor at Leicester uni David Mattingly revealed that the lost civilization was a highly advance culture. He said that areas of extensive development, which in present times there is nothing but empty desert, were shown by satellite pictures.

Mattingly described that the thing is similar in going to England and all of a sudden seeing a lot of medieval structures. He said that these areas had been unexplored under the regime of Gaddafi. He revealed that the discovery suggests an advanced culture and that the settlers were living in huge areas of settlements. The civilization was composed of organized state having villages and towns, a written language and sophisticated technologies. The data indicates that the Garamantes were the first to establish oases and open Trans-Saharan trade.

It looks like that Colonel Gaddafi did not put any much attention for any serious exploration on pre-Islamic past of Libya. Consequently, researchers encountered difficulty exploring the areas. Mattingly initially managed to conduct exploration but was forced to leave the place when rebellion happened. (c) 2011

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