Paranormal Activity: Apeman Sightings in Lancashire

Paranormal Stories of Alien Big Cats in the British rural regions are all in a day’s function for MERRILY HARPUR, however an apeman on Salisbury Plain and a Gollum-like animal in Lancashire indicate that much weirder matters than paranormal felids going around the land.

If Britain’s Alien Big Cats (ABCs) dwell in the small openings between the real and the paranormal, there appear to be different – even odder – beings which present that advanced truth. Individuals who observe them frequently account them to the national ABC research team Big Cats In Britain for want of anybody else to share. Their reports offer an idea of legion existences, covering in and out of ‘species’, groups and dimensions in an agreeably fortean manner.

For example, it was whilst inquiring a Gotham farmer regarding a traditional ABC sighting that researcher Nigel Spencer revealed the man’s earlier sighting of paranormal, weirder creature. It was “very big, the size of a little bull – 6 foot [1.8m] long; quite muscular body, with a large head and its tongue hanging out”. It was oddly coloured: “light brown with abundant dark brown spots, similar to knots on a piece of lumber”. It had a lengthy tail and it ran at velocity as they went after it in the Land Rover, “clearing a six-foot [1.8m] barrier with simplicity”. What exactly was that? On September 4, 2004, a fella at Poynings near Brighton, Sussex, went over on to his veranda and noticed a paranormal creature larger than a big dog and with incredibly vibrant red fur, “brighter than an Afghan hound”, and a lengthy hairy tail, moving gently all over the nearby field. “The creature turned and ran with amazing pace throughout the field… It bounced in a quite unique manner, both sets of legs (front and back) specifically synchronized with each other and going in contrary directions.” (c) 2011

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