Paranormal Activities in the Badlands

The small town of Wayne in Alberta’s Badlands is not really a ghost town but it is not far on that. Prior to the closure of the coal mine, the town had 2,500 human populations. Recently, there are only 27 ½ because one of them is pregnant.

The mine was closed during the Great Depression and most of Wayne’s residents left the place. Building supplies were expensive in Badlands because there were not much trees in the area. So, when people left the area, they literally take their shacks and resettled to not far away communities where other mines still not closed. Because of this situation, there are only few buildings left to remind tourists of Wayne’s good times. However, there is one place where visitors could discover the past of the place; the Rosedeer Hotel.

Recently, the hotel is a popular stop to visitors looking for remnants of the old West as well as to paranormal hunters. It is a 3-storey building but the third floor is off limits because of the alleged paranormal activities. It is said that Ku Klux Klan’s goons were hired by the mine to mix up with the clientele at the saloon of the hotel to observe for Communists, anyone who organize a labor union.

Rosedeer proprietor Fred Dayman said that he never seen the ghost but he felt its existence. He further heard reports that paranormal activities are happening in the hotel. (c) 2011

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