On-Call Ghost Investigators in Sioux City

Paranormal happenings continue to occur in residences and business establishments that people cannot explain. This is what sets the Sioux City man, Dave La Fleur, and his team from Siouxland Paranormal Research Society (SPRS) to do — to make people understand about the paranormal. The team utilizes high-tech gadgets to collect as much information about the paranormal and provide that information to the public. There are skeptics and there are believers, but the team focuses on being able to provide reasonable explanations for what is going on.

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    I have a very long story that has lots of paranormal activity in it,so I will give you the short version and if you will talk to me i will provide more detail.
    My family and I moved into a home in sioux city about 6 months ago and I knew when we moved in we were not alone. In that 6 months, objects move, things are thrown, items disappear, black masses, things rattle, the house is always cold, one of my childern have been harmed, we see, hear and feel the spirit in the house. I need help, we are moving ASAP but in the mean time, its like this spirit knows we are leaving and has taking things up a notch. If you would be willing to talk to me, i would be grateful. thank you

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