Nottinghamshire Police Paranormal Report

August 2, 2011 paranormal news – The law enforcement officials disclosed paranormal stories that were reported to their offices wherein there were forty six claims of witchcraft, three UFO observations and thirty four occurrences concerning ghosts.
Chief Inspector Ted Antill mentioned that there was a phone call where police officers did visit the location of “ghost sightings”. He verified the UFO sightings were “solely” Chinese lanterns.

Paul Stevenson, from Sutton-in-Ashfield-based Haunted Magazine, presented the Freedom of Information request to the law enforcement which brought to the revelation of the statistics.
He expressed that he was in fact very shocked by the quantity of reports regarding paranormal stories that the law enforcement department had obtained.
Chief Inspector Antill stated that there are phone calls which initially seem to be really serious situations, such as thieves in the belongings, but turn out to be a ghost story.

Antil revealed that when they began interviewing individuals who reported such paranormal stories they talked pertaining to family members that had just passed away and [they said] it might have been the spirits of those individuals.
The Freedom of Information Act permits a right to gain access documented details held by public authorities.

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