Ninel Kulagina’s Paranormal Phenomenon

The documentary in black and white video created a major paranormal phenomenon particularly to Russians. It featured a woman who moved little objects while sitting near the table where the objects were placed. The woman further rotated direction of the magnetic instrument. Her name is Ninel Kulagina and her paranormal skill is still regarded as one of the most mysterious abilities in the area of ESP.

Kulagina was born in Leningrad on July 30, 1921 and she volunteered for the army in April 1942. She got injured that lead her to a lot of surgeries. She obtained many medals and her most prestigious award received was the Order of World War 1 level.

She discovered her paranormal capability when one instance, during dinner, she was a bit tired of reaching out for bread and suddenly the pieces slowly moved to her plate. Eventually she also learned controlling things at a distance just like what she did in stopping and restarting the pendulum clock. Her family was caught in a big surprise upon knowing that she was able to move several objects with the use of her eyes. The pitcher with water was the heaviest thing she could move.

However, Ninel did not mind much of her paranormal abilities for quite some time. She suffered a heart attack when she was already old. She was admitted to the hospital and to kill the boredom, she enjoyed herself in knitting. She was noticed by one of the nurses that she can tell the color of balls of wool from a basket by simply touching.

After the incident, someone encouraged her to demonstrate her paranormal abilities to her doctors. Leningrad professor Vasilyev met Kulagina and started performing experiments with her in his laboratory.

It found out that Ninel had the paranormal ability to read with the back of her head, speculate feelings, move little items with her eyes, influence the performance of technical devices and even transform the chemical properties of water. The impact could be sensed at the range of up to two meters.
A series of experiments was conducted to Kulagina for several years by the Leningrad Institute of Precision Mechanics and Optics. It is revealed that she can extinguish laser beams, move objects, and can burn holes in them through her eyes.

The book “Formula of Love,” by V. Zakharchenko revealed that Kulagina can move objects placed on the table about ten inches and further moved them back. She can also take the ball from under the glass of the aquarium set upside down. While taking the ball, she lifted her hands and the ball hung between them. After the experiments, she felt tired, backaches, headaches, and tested metal in her mouth. The experiments quickly gained popularity and being frequently broadcasted on television and featured in magazines and newspapers. The video of Ninel Kulagina can be found below.

When she participated in the research conducted by the Institute of Chemical Physics with the Academy of Sciences, it was discovered that she had a gift of a healer. Her versatility in talents still continues to be a paranormal phenomenon to scientists. (c) 2011

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