Michiana Paranormal Expo 2011

The Hilton Garden Inn was full of something paranormal on October 2, 2011. People in that place have seen a zombie smoking a cigarette, a girl wearing fairy wings and much more paranormal occurrences.

These things were all there as Michiana Paranormal Expo 2011 was held. Expo’s co-founder Chris Schultz claimed that paranormal is slowly turning into normal. He said that the idea to conduct an expo came after seeing similar events attracting much people all over the country.

He mentioned that they tried to bring the best part of all those paranormal expos in their own event. They intended to show the public who had paranormal experience that they are not alone through the expo on paranormal.

Michiana chapter director at Indiana Ghost Trackers Erick Hardy said the expo was an opportunity for him and other members to discuss what paranormal professionals do and the reason behind why they do it.

Director of Indiana chapter of the Mutual UFO Network Stewart Hill claimed that his group has been getting reports of over 200 UFO encounters or sightings every year. He said that the number is increasing that makes anyone think that something paranormal is going on. However, given that something is going on, no one at the Sunday’s expo was 100 percent sure what it is.

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