Major Disclosure On S4: Associated With Alleged Government Cover Up on Area 51

Curiosity in the UFO paranormal event has been increasing ever since the late 40’s when reports of unusual flying objects associating WW2 bombers were circulated and specifically after the media picked up on the story by business person Kenneth Arnold in 1947 of a creation of nine vibrantly colored crescent formed craft found from his light aircraft as they travelled at speeds in excess of 1200 knots. They were depicted by Mr. Arnold as flying like disks skipping all over water – and this brought birth to the term flying saucer. As a result of humanity being normally war-like and scared of the unknown and paranormal event, and with Hollywood often looking to produce more sensational and terrifying movies, shortly flying saucers turned the topic of doom-laden and usually badly produced movies showing flying saucers as the ships of horrifying intruders from space looking to wipe out humanity and eat our natural resources before going on to their next victims in a nearby solar system.

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