Lots of Spirits and Paranormal Events Happening During the Investigation in Circa Savannah

Refurbished to the 1860’s period by buyer Michael Preston, Circa Savannah is a specialty store showcasing the city’s leading attractions, attractive presents, arts and collectibles. Right after its restoration, Mr. Preston observed paranormal events shortly after the shop’s opening. He said that on many instances neighbors asked if they were organizing night gatherings since they observed people strolling around during night time; the shop was vacant and the security alarms set. Moreover, objects were relocated or missing, doors and windows strangely opened or closed, gas lamps would not stay lighted, and a desk stapler went into a cheerful dance completely alarming a visitor and clerk. At that time, he approached the paranormal professionals to investigate.

Located on top of 20,000 year-old graves of an ethnic background that exhibited indicators of cannibalism, the property became home to Georgia colonists who was living with everyday struggles, later primitively quartered slaves waiting for public sale in the basement, camped army staff throughout the Civil War, and saw fortunes lost during the cotton economy’s fall. Among the apparitions that the paranormal investigators found out, most amazing was the recording of EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) linking to French speaking occupants together with individuals of unidentified dialects. The group encountered spirits of 18th century travelers, prohibition era smugglers, and a Victorian lamplighter keeping up with the outside gas lanterns. There were lots of spirits and paranormal actions happening throughout the investigation that investigators had to abandon the property several occasions.

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