Long Mystery of Clinical Animal Mutilations in Wales Is Considered As Paranormal Phenomenon

Pathologists suspected that aliens may responsible of a decade clinical animal mutilations in Wales. The Animal Pathology Field Unit (APFU) was founded in 2001 to take a look at surgical-style injuries causing the death of various sheep and cattle. The APFU mainly put its resources where this paranormal phenomenon is more frequent and common particularly in the Rhea valley near the border and in towns including Llandrindod Wells and Knighton.

The organization ruled out the possibility that the injuries were caused by predators. It claimed that the injuries were too sophisticated and animals were killed in locations which can be easily detected going there but no one ever witnessed what had happen. And Phil Hoyle of the APFU said that the scene where animals are found dead with such injuries, has no blood or footprints despite the surgical removal of large amounts of tissue. For this reason, Hoyle concluded that extraterrestrials could be responsible of this paranormal phenomenon.

Hoyle suggested that this thing is not done by any satanic cults as the injuries are very sophisticated. Instead, they could be done by aliens. He stressed that it remain a mystery on how somebody or anything performed those surgical procedures in an isolated area without leaving any footprints.
There are three major incidents of animal mutilation in Wales for the past few years.

A lamb was discovered on a little farm not far from Beddgelert, Gwynedd in 2001. It was found with a large, oval-shaped hole in its left hip bone measuring about an inch-wide. Also noted was a 45-degree-angled smooth trepanning of the bone.
It is noted in Brook Farm, Plwmp, Dyfed in 2002 that a farmer discovered a mutilated texel rams in the morning after inspecting the animals at night where nothing unusual was observed before the paranormal event happened. Additionally, the farmer had lost six ewes a week before the incident took place which includes missing tongue, a jaw strip, and barely any blood.

Four ewes were discovered dead with facial strips in Woodside farm, Monaughty, Bleddfa, Powys in 2009. It is noted that there were other paranormal or unusual incidents through the years such as an annual instance of 15 to 20 ewes vanished without any traces. It is also noted that SAS usually performed training exercises in that area but it seems that they do not have any idea about the paranormal incidents.

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